Tree Work Around Wires

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When there is a tree removal or trimming of hazardous limbs that needs to be done in close proximity to electrical wires there are a couple of things that can be done with CL&P to greatly reduce any risks and save money with the tree service since it saves them time while reducing risks. The best part is these services are free from CL&P since it’s much more economical to be proactive versus coming out to an emergency call to repair downed wires.


Little background Info:
There are two electrical wire scenarios to consider Service wires and High wires. They can both kill you but the high wire will kill you faster since its carrying much higher voltage. The high wires are generally the wires at the top of the telephone pole and some are shielded but I have been told if you provide a ground it will blow right through the shielding so I’ll take their word on that. The second scenario is the service wire which is the wire that connects your house to the utility pole and are insulated for leaf and occasional branch contact. Note they will still kill electrocute you if there is any crack in this insulation so do not go near them.


So now that you know the two types of wires out there you will understand why CL&P will trim trees around high wires but will not trim around service wires to your house, so trimming around service wires are the responsibility of the property owner. This is where you hire Barts Tree Service and we will coordinate removing/protecting  the wires and removing the tree hazards. Since there are two sets of wires there are two separate departments that handle them at CL&P one department will remove service wires from the house and the other department will cover and protect high wires.


Here is the process for covering high wires. If this and line removal is required I always do this first since it take longer to schedule and will stay up until I call to have it removed:

  1. Call CL&P to have a line crew cover wires 800-286-2000
  2. Provide address
  3. Provide cross street
  4. Provide pole number
  5. Provide description of work to be completed i.e. remove oak tree located next to pole
  6. They can cover the wires and they can cover the insulators on top of the pole so be specific about what need to be covered.
  7. CL&P will provide you with a Line Crew Request Number and date or date range for when work will be conducted.
  8. Once the tree work is complete call CL&P Line Crew back at 800-286-2000,  give them the request number and tell them the line covering can be removed.


Here is the process for removing service wires from house:

  1. Call CL&P Line Removal Desk 888-544-4826
  2. Supply CL&P with property owners name and address
  3. Supply affected pole number
  4. Supply closest cross street
  5. CL&P will provide the available dates for line removal (generally a week or two out)
  6. CL&P will assign a request number
  7. If we (Barts) are setting this up for the client then I request the home owner to fax a letter to CL&P that contains the following; date, request number, name, address, “I am aware the power will be disconnected from my house on date and reconnected later that afternoon to allow for tree work to be conducted”. Then sign and fax to 877-285-4448. Note if there are multiple lines to be removed from separate homes each home owner needs to send the fax letter.
  8. CL&P will show up between 8-9AM to remove the wires from the house and someone must be there to meet them.
  9. CL&P will return to reinstall wires between 1-2 PM unless they are called a couple hours prior to push out the time later in the day.


 At Barts Tree Service we also have certified electricians from Rodrigues Electric which can remove service wires from a house if the CL&P schedule is not conducive to meeting the clients needs. Additionally we use Rodrigues Electric to remove the cable and telephone wires from the house as well. 


Here is a link to CL&P’s frequently asked questions page

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