All of our firewood is 14″ to 18″ in length, split and seasoned mixed hard woods. I do sometimes have piles of shorter wood (less then 14″) available in smaller quantities as well.

This year I have maple, cherry, apple, white oak, black oak, red oak, chesnut oak, ash and a little black birch in the mix.
I am not the cheapest out there and that is for a good reason, we have the highest standards and quality ensuring you get what you pay for.


After running out of wood in years past and trying to subcontract and buy bulk wood from several other local sources I went and inspected their wood and found that almost none of it was properly seasoned and the sizing was all over the map not to mention there was poplar, cedar, pine and sassafras mixed in almost all of them. Then I also received feedback from about most of our new customers on how much larger my cords are than what was previously delivered by other folks. Not to mention all the horror stories of wet wood with a layer of dry on top etc. So with all this in mind I can ensure you that my wood is all 100% hardwoods that are seasoned properly and I specifically measure out a cord of wood then throw it in the truck and mark it so we consistently deliver full cords every time. At the end of the day firewood is not much of a money maker for me but it is a great marketing tool to meet potential tree service clients so the last thing I want is to get a black eye from delivering subpar cord wood.
We deliver firewood year round and offer stacking for an additional fee of $40 per hr. per person. We can deliver two cord in one load with the new dump truck.
Additionally we try and fulfill any smaller orders when possible as well since it makes me crazy to see people buying those bags of wood at the grocery store for so much money.
For you BBQ folks out there we usually have oak, hickory, cherry and apple in stock so just give us a call and we can generally provide you with smaller amounts of wood for you to pickup.

Firewood prices for winter of 2012/2013 :

$230 per cord delivered within 20 miles of Danbury CT (over 20 miles and I add a fee to cover fuel and time)

$130 per half cord delivered within 20 miles of Danbury CT (over 20 miles and I add a fee to cover fuel and time)

$200 per cord / customer pick up

Firewood Facts

Cord of Firewood
Cord of Firewood
  • A cord of wood measures 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by eight feet long (4′ x 4′ x 8′) and has a volume of 128 cubic feet.
  • A face cord or rick of wood is four feet high by eight feet long and is as wide as the individual firewood pieces, but averages 16 inches wide. A 16-inch wide face cord is equal to one-third of a full cord.
  • Ideal moisture content of seasoned firewood is 15%-20%
  • The higher the moisture content of your wood, the less heat will be produced from it. It takes energy to convert the moisture to steam and burn it out of the wood (generally you will hear a hissing sound). This is energy that should be used in warming your house. So always ensure you are recieving dry properly seasoned firewood. (See visual tips below)

Seasoned firewood


Indicators of properly seasoned wood

  • Color - Wood should have a dull grayness color
  • Bark – a sure sign that firewood is dry is bark that is falling off the wood
  • Checks – as wood dries it will begin to split on the ends and display cracks
  • Touch – fresh cut wood may feel wet

What’s the most efficient wood to burn?

The chart below shows the energy content per air dried full cord (000s of BTUs)

Species of Wood BTUs
Rock Elm 32,000
Shagbark Hickory 30,600
White Oak 30,600
Bitternut Hickory 29,200
Sugar Maple 29,000
Beech 27,800
Red Oak 27,300
Yellow Birch 26,200
Red Elm 25,400
White Ash 25,000
White Elm 24,500
Red Maple 24,000
Tamarack 24,000
Black Cherry 23,500
White Birch 23,400
Black Ash 22,600
Green Ash 22,100
Silver Maple 21,700
Manitoba Maple 19,300
Large Tooth Aspen 18,200
Hemlock 17,900
Trembling Aspen 17,700
Butternut 17,400
Balsam Poplar 17,260
White Pine 17,100
Basswood 17,000
White Cedar 16,300
White Spruce 16,200
Balsam Fir 15,500

More Information

If you’d like more information about purchasing firewood, please read the Department of Environmental Protection tips for buying firewood.

To get current pricing or order firewood now, please call us at 203-240-1302.